Thursday, November 29, 2012

Binding Event Handlers to SharePoint Content Types (Sandbox)

Fiddling around in SharePoint's Sandbox land can and will test your sanity.  There are things that are the way they are and you just have to deal with it.  All in all, a learning experience indeed...

Here's some key takeaways from my current project:
I opted not to bind this to the Content Type because I didn't want the Event Handler's behavior to persist on any other list.  I doubt the CT will be reused, but if it is, I know my code will not run erroneously.

Once that is added to your list, then you can dive into the properties and detect the Content Type GUID for the item that was just added.  A simple example:

       public override void ItemAdded(SPItemEventProperties properties)
           if (properties.ListItem.ContentTypeId.Parent.ToString().ToUpper() == Constants.ctGuid.ToUpper())
            // Snipped
This is only a small part of what I'm in the middle of building.  Hopefully, I can abstract more out and show off some of the innards.


Shortly after posting this @SharePointAlex and I started to discuss binding Event Handlers to lists.  Based on my tests, I've confirmed that using a Site-scoped solution does in fact fire the Event Handler on all lists in your web.  Using the same technique but having the solution Web-scoped will only bind the Event Handler to the list you declare.  Thanks Alex for making dig a bit deeper to further get better documentation.

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