Monday, January 25, 2010

Sharepoint - Prompting for user credentials

At first this seemed to be an easy fix but after my first few trials and errors, I had to dig a bit deeper.  Let me set up the scenario:

User had just changed her password upon logging into Remote Desktop (Terminal Services for you hard core people).  After the login process, her credentials were out of sync on the original PC she was using to login to Remote Desktop.  That’s when the fun started.  So, I get a call and the user explains the issue: “I cannot see the intranet, what’s wrong?”  A quick jump over to the client and now I’m in the thick of it…  If you have been using Sharepoint enough, then you have seen this prompt before:

I simply typed the credentials in and WHAM!?!..  I get prompted again for credentials.  Curious, this time, I try my credentials.  Same thing is happening over and over again.  This user cannot see the intranet!!!  After finding out about the password change, I logged out and logged back in.  Now the page actually loaded, but after a few clicks, I’m prompted for credentials again… WTF?!?  Thinking on the fly, I just was curious to see what the event viewer would tell me.  I found these two error messages:

Error 2


Error 3

I initially thought the user account was being hammered via Remote Desktop by someone out in the world.  I pull up Active Directory to check the status of the account.  That didn’t go over, because the account wasn’t disabled.  At that point, I wanted to make sure the account was enabled, so I just disabled/enabled the account.  After doing that, the problem persisted, however, I did get a nugget of love in the Event Viewer this time!!!

Error 1

Now we are on to something…  (WARNING!!! XP Instructions, so modify accordingly to your O.S.) Crack open the control panel, click on user accounts, click the Advanced tab, and finally onto the magic Manage Passwords button.  Buried in here was the user’s cached credentials that windows was pulling from and thus prompting us for the updated credentials.  I simply deleted it, as this functionality isn’t required for my environment.  I hope this helps!!!

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